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❤ With a stroke of a pen,
I wrote to you, softly, with my heart
Desire: Uruha/Aoi (21/?) 
22nd-Jun-2012 01:03 am
Title: Desire (Sequel to Obsession)
Chapters: 21/?
Author: [info]sweetlolixo
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst
Warnings: TeacherxStudent, Abuse, Rape
Rating: NC17
Pairings/Characters: Uruha/Aoi (Kouyou/Yuu), Akira/Takanori, Kai/Aoi, Kouyou/Takanori
Sypnosis: This time, it's no longer an obsession; it's a burning desire for Yuu's acceptance. Kouyou is in love with him, and he'll do anything for his dear student's heart.
Note: You have to read Obsession to understand this. Also, this is no longer going to be a one-shot. Desire is going to be a full-length story.

Previous Chapters: 12345678910a10b11a11b1213141516171819, 20

The moment Takanori passes through the gates of his house, he’s ambushed into a tight embrace by his mother, her face delirious looking and her expensive floral apron reeking of a burning, cooking smell. Taka lets out a sigh; his mother had probably been experimenting with the kitchen again. Honestly, she had nothing else better to do at times; she seemed to be trying out reckless things one after another these days. Tensing up, he stiffens in her hold until she finally relents and releases him, her voice picking up and squealing in a high pitched shrill as a welcoming back greeting.

“My little Taka is back!~ He’s early today, isn’t he?”

Takanori rolls his eyes, and as the both of them walk past the doors into the living room, he lazily nods to the helpers at the side who greet them as they enter. Clutching the guitar tightly in hand, he almost escapes up the stairs, ready to return to his room and drown himself in the hands of his instrument, but he’s stopped by the words of his mother as she strolls lightly back to the kitchen.

“Don’t you feel like giving a call to Yuu, Taka? I think he got into a little trouble.”

He pauses in his steps, ominous dread suddenly coming over him. Yuu? Why would anything happen to him? Shouldn’t it be…

“What trouble? Hasn’t he been released from the hospital, already?”

“Oh, you went out, so you missed the news, didn’t you?” Taka widens his eyes at the mention. No… His mother couldn’t possibly have known about Takashima sensei. And even if she did, what did it have to do with Yuu? But he knows there’s more, because his sensei couldn’t have been convicted for such random charges for nothing. If anything, Akira was the one responsible for those charges… Not his Literature sensei. “Your sensei got arrested.”

“You know Takashima sensei?” Taka spins around in his step, snapping his head to the direction of the kitchen. His mother’s nervous laugh echoed, resonating around the whole of the living room. “You met him?”

“He was there, with Yuu, when I was visiting.” Taka wonders why his mother sounds so fangirly, suddenly. “He was so handsome! Definitely eyecandy material. And the way his eyes were looking at Yuu so longingly the whole time, aww… I just knew then and there they were together, already. I bet they’re long past that kissing stage!”

Takanori doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Ma, were you high that day?” Seriously? Yuu and sensei? That was near impossible. Taka barely sees them interacting, let alone getting together. Plus, Yuu would tell him if there was anything going on. Especially so after Taka’s shared his Akira experience with the raven; Yuu wouldn’t just skip over such an important detail like that. Plus, Yuu was together with Kai, weren’t they? “Yuu’s not that type.”

“Hahaha, if you say so.” She lets slip a few more giggles. “Your sensei got arrested, though, on counts of getting involved with a student… They didn’t reveal the details, but if it’s not Yuu, I’m not sure who else is. Why not you give him a call, ask if he’s okay? Even if they weren’t together, Yuu looked pretty close with your sensei. You like him too, don’t you? You say he’s nice enough.”

Takanori frowns, his heart beating fast in his chest. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to just give Yuu another call… He could just ask after his health, then ask about Takashima sensei, and if he knew anything, and then that would be it. Just a purely safe conversation; nothing more, nothing less.

“I guess I could,” Taka gives a brief shrug, digging into his jeans for his phone.


The line doesn’t get through, though. Takeshi places down the phone with a deep sigh, then looks to the raven and the brunette seated on the couch in the distance, shaking his head forlornly before he struts to them, clearing his throat as he does so.

“Your mother is flying back, now,” The older man coughs, watching as Yuu and Kai pull away from their embrace and turn to face him. “She’ll reach tomorrow afternoon. Your father, and Kai’s parents, are staying because they still have important business to take care of.”

Yuu’s half-relieved; at least he wouldn’t be overwhelmed by their responses all at one ago. He’s still worried, though; he knew his mother wouldn’t be pleased by the sudden… unexpected trouble, and he knew he had lived his whole life according to or surpassing her expectations, and anything proving him to be otherwise was bound to shock and anger her as a whole. He worries about what she will do to turn things around, to make things right, to make sure he’s her idea of Yuu again. That’s what scares him the most, knowing he had crossed the line. “How did she react?”

“She was surprisingly calm about it,” Takeshi mumbles, frowning. “She was worried about you, though. She told me it was impossible for you to do such a thing, asked whether I had made a mistake, and whether you were forced into it. I told her I didn’t know anything, and the rest was up to her.”

Yuu’s gaze lowers, his heart palpitating. Right. His mother would refuse to believe her perfect son had done a hundred and eighty degree turn and get involved in such a thing; when in reality Yuu was much more than that. The odds were heavier against him now, and he knows it’s going to be hard to convince her to not press any charges against Kouyou. She would rather die believing her son had been innocent all along in this, than accept the fact that he had willingly went behind her back to create such a scandal. “She’s going to be so upset.”

“It’ll be okay,” Kai comforts, his hands wrapped around the raven’s palm warmly. “I’m here, I’ll tell her it wasn’t your fault. All we have to do is lock him up, don’t we? I’ll help you, Yuu.” Yuu looks to him, his face distressed. Kai still didn’t get it, did he? He loved Kouyou, and he didn’t want anything to happen to him. Being apart from him was worrying enough, what more knowing he would be legally charged and have his life destroyed.

“Kai – ” Yuu looks away, his lips biting against each other nervously. “Kai, I can’t… I don’t want that to happen to sensei, don’t you understand?”

The brunette’s eyes darken once more. “Yuu, you’re confused… He did something to you, didn’t he? Why won’t you let go of him? Did he force you or anything like that?”

“He didn’t do anything,” The raven looks down, his tone rising by the second. “Kai, I love him, is that so hard to understand?!”

“Why are you being like this?!” Kai yells, and he lets go of Yuu’s hand in a snap, his face scrunched up in annoyance. “He drugged you, didn’t he?! You weren’t like this before, you never went against me. And you loved me the most, you know that? Oh wait, maybe he fucked you up so badly that you can’t even think straight anymore, that’s what happens when you’re around such a fucked up person for such a long time.”

Yuu holds back his burning tears. Kouyou was fucked up? Kouyou, the man who loved him wholeheartedly and made sure he was safe in everything they did, and protected him with every minute of his life, and serenaded him with Shakespeare and drew paintings of him and cried when Yuu finally told him he loved him for the first time? Was Kouyou fucked up? No, Yuu doesn’t think so. Yuu doesn’t think so, at all. Not even when Kouyou lured him into the staff room, the classroom, the grass field – everything. If Kouyou was fucked up, then maybe Yuu was, too. But to an insane society, such sane love would be condemned and be seen as insane. When in reality, it is what it is. It is as it is. Pure, untainted love. And Kouyou’s harbored that from the start, and now he was being seen as fucked up? Yuu’s angry, he really is, and he can’t stand Kai speaking so badly of him anymore. Because if Kai knew half the things Kouyou went through for him, and all the tears he gave and all the heart he poured in trying to make Yuu love him, Kai wouldn’t think twice.

But no one can see it, except for Yuu, and that’s what aggravates him the most. He grips his hands into fists, his heart pounding loudly in his chest. Fucked up. Really. Would anyone care to define that properly for him? Because if anything, if there was anyone who was fucked up, it shouldn’t, and wouldn’t be Kouyou. Kouyou was beautiful, inside out, and if those eyes don’t gaze at him anymore, and if those fingers leave his face, those lips leave his hair, those smiles don’t break into laughter for him anymore, Yuu would die.

“You’re wrong,” The raven seethes, his breath hot and heavy. “Fucked up? Is he fucked up to you, Kai? What the fuck did he do to you? If he is as fucked up as you say, maybe I wouldn’t be so in love with him, would I? He’s perfectly normal, and maybe the fucked up person is you, Kai. Maybe you should get that straight and check why I would choose a fucked up person, over you, then!” But the moment those words leave his mouth, he regrets it immediately, and as he looks to the brunette, he doesn’t miss that flicker of anguish in his gaze.

“Suit yourself,” Kai growls, and he leaves the couch, giving it a harsh kick before striding angrily towards the stairs. “Fucked up or not, I’m not the one going to jail. And when that time comes, you’ll realize I’m the one for you, not that crazy psycho sensei who does nothing but fuck innocent people up like you.”

When Yuu hears the heavy slam of his bedroom door, he hears the exact same shattering of his heart, like thin glass, splintering into a thousand fragments. He stares to the floor, dazed, his mind as messed up as his heart was. Takeshi stands by the corner, shifting uncomfortably in his position, staring to the younger raven in unfathomable pity.

“He has a right to be angry,” The older man comments, casually, awkwardly fumbling with his hands. He knows they’re the wrong words to say, though, and he mentally slaps himself when he verbalizes them. “I mean… He seems to like you, a lot.”

“The person I love is in jail,” Yuu chokes out a sob, and guilt floods Takeshi instantly, seeing how broken Yuu had become after him and his partner’s harsh antics this morning. “I have no heart to care for anything else, I’m sorry.”

“No, I…” Takeshi stares to his hands. “I’m sorry. I have to follow the law, but at times like these… I really wish I didn’t have to.”

“There’s no such thing as a law in love,” The raven trembles, the tears falling faster than ever, his hands shaking. “Kouyou didn’t do anything to me. Please don’t take him away from me, please… He needs me, and I need him. You can’t just do this to two people who love each other, can you? You can’t, there must be a law here. There must be a law that says you can’t just tear people apart when they’re at their happiest, no matter how wrong it seems. No matter how wrong, happiness isn’t wrong, is it?”

Takeshi clears his throat, feeling a lump rising. Goddamn. He didn’t usually get so emotional over cases like these, but the raven’s pain was affecting him. And it was bad, and dangerous, because you couldn’t let your emotions cloud your rational judgment in terms of important things like that, but watching someone as young as the raven resolve into tears at his locked up lover was hitting all the sensitive spots in the police officer’s heart.

“Hey, kid…” The older man reaches a hand out, reluctantly placing it against his back, patting him twice comfortingly in hopes of stopping his tears. “I have no control over this, but if we have no evidence your sensei did anything to you, and you have no wish to testify against him, the case will be dropped. The only thing he’ll lose is his license as a teacher, but I don’t think it matters then, does it?”

Yuu quietens for a moment. “He’ll be let off?”

“The law can’t do anything if the victim doesn’t want to do anything,” Takeshi says softly, finding it easier to talk to the raven, now. “Provided your mother agrees, as well.”

“I’ll have him back?” Yuu sounds happier, already.

“Yes, of course.”

“Then… we’ll be together, again?”

Takeshi nods, but he feels guilty once more; was he giving too much false hope to the raven? But it was true; if they couldn’t find anything to charge Kouyou against, they were helpless in this situation, too. And for some reason, watching them kiss in the car park earlier proved their love deeper than he had first thought it would be; it wasn’t just a light, casual crush – Takeshi suspected it was something deeper, much deeper, much more emotional, and maybe even life-changing. The way Yuu could lash out at his best friend in anger at having Kouyou being so badly spoken about, the way Kouyou was so afraid of Yuu being frightened by the police officers, and him wanting to comfort Yuu before he got taken away – they are only so small actions, but they proved things to Takeshi that he knew would go unnoticeable to many. And suddenly, he finds himself wanting to help them, even if he doesn’t know why.

Goddamn sensitive heart of his.


Akira stirs up from his sleep the minute the doors to his cell open, confused as to why they would pull him out again. Did he get another visitor? Did Yuu come back? For some reason, Akira didn’t mind seeing the raven once more; the last visit proved to be emotional enough for the both of them, and he knew that he and Yuu shared something, even if just for a moment. But when he sees a certain blonde get thrown into the same cell as him, his eyes widen, his heart dropping in realization. There’s only reason why Kouyou would get convicted, along with him, and he had hoped it wouldn’t happen to the both of them – Kouyou and Yuu – but it did. And too quickly, too.

The guards direct and push the blonde roughly to his bed, then give him orders in their gruff voices, before leaving the cell, almost laughing, cracking jokes about the city’s fucked up education system and what was going on with teachers these days, so on, so forth… Akira just stares at the blonde from the corner of his eyes; Kouyou was just there, opposite him, collapsed on the hard mattress, his body slumped down and his eyes shut. He looks almost dead, and Akira feels a tinge of worry, knowing it must have come to a big blow to him, being suddenly convicted like this.

“Hey, are you okay?” Akira asks, hesitantly, knowing the other blonde was fragile, and he hopes he wouldn’t have to face a break down or any of that kind in this cramped cell. He didn’t do well with too much emotional confrontation. “Must have been a rough day, huh.”

It’s silent for awhile, before the blonde tosses and turns in his position, turning to the wall and facing his back to the Math teacher. “Shut the fuck up,” Kouyou hisses, then buries his head deeper into the mattress, his hands folded at the back of his head. Akira grunts, watching him in disdain. Clearly the tension between them wasn’t resolved yet.

“They found out?” Akira tries once more, refusing to back down from his new cell mate. They would probably stay together for the next few days, or even longer, until all interrogation is done and the case is resolved or dropped, so he would prefer if he was able to actually talk to someone, rather than pretending he didn’t exist. “I thought Yuu was pretty in love with you the last time he came to visit me.”

Akira hears Kouyou’s heavy breathing, and his shoulders stiffening in contempt at the mention of his raven lover. “They took Yuu away from me.”

Akira nods, having expected that. “Sorry, man. I told you it was going to happen, should have listened to me.”

“I don’t know what they’re doing with Yuu,” Kouyou says, his voice still snappy and angry. “I just wish I knew what was going on at his side.”

“I’m sure he’s strong enough to stand it,” Akira mutters apologetically. “If he could stand up to me, he can stand up to anybody.”

“Oh, yeah.” Kouyou stills for a moment, suddenly recalling who he was speaking to again. “You almost killed him. Bastard.”

Akira laughs, finding the irony of the situation too amusing to not joke about. “I’m pretty sure he was willing to die, though.”

“Whatever, Yuu’s too kind to let you off that easily.” Kouyou rolls his eyes. “He told me all about your sob fest with Taka’s father, it was tragic. Enough for him to tell me he wanted to drop all charges on you, anyway, and…” He halts, suddenly, wondering why Akira had suddenly gone silent, his laughter long stopped. Wait… Kouyou’s eyes snap open. Fuck. Taka’s father… Akira hadn’t known, had he? Oh god. He doesn’t dare turn to him to observe his face.

“Taka’s… what?” Akira’s voice is shaking, already. Kouyou feels his heavy heart plunging further into him. He’s sorry, he honestly is, and he hates the fact that he had to reveal such an important information in such a way to Akira.

“Yuu found out it was Taka’s father you fell in love with,” Kouyou murmurs, sorry, and he decides to keep his mouth shut from now on, since everything that leaves it potentially ruins things anyway. “Sorry, did I just ruin your life?”

“It’s fine,” Akira says, his voice slowly returning back to normal once more, regaining his calm composure. “Wow, I fucked up, didn’t I?”

Kouyou can’t resist a smile. He wasn’t the only one. “I’m pretty sure we both did.”

Akira’s back to laughing again, which relieves the blonde instantly. “Nice. What are they charging you for, again?”

“Statutory rape, sexual harassment, child abuse.” Kouyou rolls his eyes, though he’s grateful for the change in conversation.

“Oh, god. You’re not worried? You kind of did all three.”

Kouyou smiles. “You’re funny.”

“I’m trying to relieve the tension in here. It’s really an awkward combination of a math teacher and a literature one all jumbled up, in an awkward mess that relates back to raping two kids.”

“That sounds fucked up enough,” Kouyou laughs, and Akira joins him.

“Am I forgiven for almost killing your student lover?”

“If Yuu forgives you, yes.”

“I’m pretty sure Yuu and I shared an emotional moment during our heart to heart talk earlier on. I think I felt a connection.”

Kouyou raises an eyebrow. “Now I’m jealous.”

Akira smirks. “Just focus on getting out of this cell, he probably needs you.”

You would know,” Kouyou jokes, but when Akira doesn’t respond, he knows he’s touched a sensitive spot again. “Did I just cross the line?”

“Well, I knew I was waiting for my sensei day and night, even when he got locked up.” Akira fiddles with his hands. “So I probably know how Yuu feels, now.”

“I’m so worried for him,” Kouyou frowns, deeply sighing. “He was crying so badly before he left. And thinking about that breaks my heart; I can’t let our last memory of us be that, I really can’t.”

Akira pauses for a moment, deep in thought, the blonde’s words settling down in him slowly. “I used to think you wanted him because you were lonely.”

“And now?”

“Maybe I was wrong.” Akira cocks his head to the side. “Maybe you really loved him afterall.”


The next morning, Yuu wakes up fairly early, having gone to sleep early the last night in tears. His eyes are sore and red now, but he doesn’t focus on that, and he stretches his arms out wide with a yawn, taking slow steps down the stairs to the kitchen. Kai must still be asleep; but Yuu doesn’t dwell on that, when thoughts of the brunette threatened to test his temper again. He hated how Kai didn’t understand him, how Kai believed everything to be Kouyou’s fault, but Yuu knew Takeshi was right – Kai definitely had a reason to be angry; his childhood friend that he had loved his whole life was suddenly dropping a bomb on him, telling him he was in love with his teacher and that he was breaking up with him – of course Kai would be upset. But Yuu hates how no one knows that the one secretly hurting the most is him; Yuu hates how everyone just deems their relationship as a moral wrong, when it was actually right in all the other aspects. He misses Kouyou to death, already, knowing Kouyou would have texted him by now, and he wonders if Kouyou is sleeping well, and whether they had really locked him up in a cell the day before, or allowed him to return home first. He hopes Kouyou isn’t doing too badly, and he hopes he can get to see the blonde today; maybe he could make a quick visit to the police station before his mother arrived back here.

He runs his fingers through his hair, dancing down the stairs, his face lighting up with a smile when he recalls Takeshi’s words to him the day before. If Yuu didn’t press charges on Kouyou, the most Kouyou could be convicted for would be getting involved with a student, that’s all. And although Kouyou might lose his job, Yuu knows it means little to them, as long as they were together. He hopes he could get his mother to be understanding enough to spare bringing him to court; and he hopes his mother will look past this and be convinced Yuu loved Kouyou enough to know what he was doing. Thinking about it more and more relieved him by the second; everything would get better in a snap, and Yuu wouldn’t have to worry anymore by then. Then he could fulfill the million promises he had given the blonde, and he could kiss him once again.

“Good morning, Yuu.”

The raven freezes in his steps, lifting his head up to look right ahead. It’s the familiar voice of his mother’s, and he hasn’t seen her in over a month, but she still looks the same, younger than ever. Yuu’s looks were almost modeled after hers; except the fact that her long, raven hair was down past her chest, and her bangs were cut straight and doll-like, her dark eye make up accentuating her icy cold eyes that resembled Yuu’s exactly. Her face was creamy smooth, tinted with a shade of delicate pink, and her pink lips were covered in bold, red lipstick, her gaze as serious looking as ever. She’s always dressed prim and proper, elegant as ever, donning a rich cotton checkered dress, just slight above her thighs, and her feet slipped into black open toe heels, her hands just above her hips. She’s seated at the head of the dining table, poised and ready for Yuu to take a seat, and Yuu can hear the trepidation of his heart, his knees turning weak-kneed already.


“Good morning, Mother.” Yuu keeps his hands behind himself, quickly descending down the steps, knowing his mother hated waiting, and he wonders how long she has been here, and how she managed to get here so soon. Didn’t Takeshi say she would arrive in the afternoon? It’s barely nine now, and she’s already ready, waiting for him.

“You look…” Her voice is crisp and sharp, her gaze falling over him, scrutinizing his every movement. “Thinner. Have you been eating, Yuu?”

Yuu’s self-conscious instantly. “Yes, Mother.”

“Take a seat.” She’s restless already, Yuu can tell, and he sucks in a breath, opting for the seat opposite of her. “No, come nearer, Yuu. Next to me.” Yuu bites his lip, nodding, reluctant to comply, but afraid of not doing exactly as she says. By the time he’s well seated, she has her hand against his head, fingers combing past his smooth raven hair. “Hmm, I missed this, Yuu. You’re still so pretty looking, I’ve always told you people would take advantage of that and use it against you. Did I not instruct Kai to protect you? Has he been leaving you alone, Yuu?”

Yuu doesn’t realize he’s holding his breath with every word she speaks. “Kai’s been very patient and nice to me… I might have been neglecting him a little.”

“Ah, yes.” Her fingers halt. “Kai told me you broke up with him.”

“You spoke to him?” Yuu widens his eyes, making the mistake of looking up and staring back into his mother’s dark orbs. He looks away quickly, hating how nervous she made him feel, always. They were so alike, yet they were worlds apart; Yuu knows, because his mother has expected him to be just like her since he was young, since they were already alike in so many other ways. They share the same eyes, but Yuu’s never managed to decipher his mother’s; on the other hand, Yuu must have attained his father’s quieter personality, not as bold and brash as his mother often was.

“I had to, Yuu. You have been keeping many secrets from me, and if you don’t tell me things, I must get them from Kai.” She snaps, and Yuu knows there’s hidden anger behind those words, and Yuu knows she must have been keeping herself under control all these while. “I don’t expect you to be with Kai forever, but he’s a family friend, and if he can protect you while your father and I are away, why not? Why did you break up with him, Yuu? And don’t give me that stupid sensei story – that police officer was crazy, wasn’t he? My Yuu wouldn’t do such a stupid thing; he knows better than that.” Her fingers tighten their grip against Yuu’s scalp. “Am I right, Yuu?”

Yuu’s hands are quivering underneath the table. He had forgotten how intimidating his mother was; it had been too long since she was fierce, like this to him, and he had underestimated how hard it would be to convince her. “Mother… that police officer wasn’t crazy.” He vaguely notices his voice shaking.

Her hand drops down immediately, upset. “Kai’s right; your sensei drugged you, didn’t he? Gave you something wrong to eat, messed up your brain. What is going on, Yuu?”

Yuu averts her tense gaze. “Mother… I’m in love with him.” Oh, god. If he lived to see another day, it would seriously be a miracle. It really would. His mother, however, silences herself for a second, her jaw gaping in utter shock.

“You don’t know what love is,” She hisses, her nails scraping viciously against the wooden table. “You’re barely sixteen, and you’re telling me you’re in love with a man almost twice your age? Do you expect me to believe that, Yuu?”

Yuu knew this would be coming. He sucks up his tears, staring to his hands. “Love doesn’t need an age, does it? You met father at eighteen.”

Yes, but we are not just wishy washy individuals like you, Yuu. We had a life plan, we knew what we wanted to do, and we got married at twenty four, after deliberate planning and goal setting. I am your Mother, do you not think I know you better than anyone else? Tell me honestly – do you see yourself with that man ten years down the road, when you’re twenty six? At least with Kai – I know both of you will have to eventually be business partners, when you take over your father’s business, and Kai takes over his father’s. That is our life plan for you, which you should know by now.”

Yuu hates how his mother does this; make him feel stupid, dumb, immature, with every thing she says, every word she dictates. Yuu hates how everything has to be planned, and has to go according to her, as if what she wants is what Yuu wants. Because Yuu’s been doing that all these while, and now that Yuu finally has the nerve to step out of those boundaries, his mother flat out denies him and makes him feel like he has no right to.

“It’s not what you think,” Yuu says, his eyes raising up to meet hers, gaining resentment slowly in his words. “We are not ‘wishy washy’ individuals. You don’t even know what goes on behind the scenes, and you can’t say that just because we don’t have a life plan, we can’t make it. And if you ask me if I can see him ten years down the road – then yes. I can see myself staying with him, because he loves me, and this is what I call love, Mother.”

She stares to him, face fuming. Yuu rarely defied her, and when he did, he probably had a good reason to. “Did you have sex with him, Yuu?”

Yuu’s heart misses a beat. “No, I didn’t.”

Her eyes narrow into slits. “He is twenty eight years old, and he is in an authority position. This thus gives him power over you, Yuu. If anything, you are either coerced into a relationship with him, in which Stockholm Syndrome would have occurred – without even you realizing it – or he must have threatened you in any other way to make you so… compliant.”

“Is it so hard to believe that maybe I just like him for who he is?” Yuu growls, exasperated, and his mother snorts in disbelief. “You never believe me, do you, Mother?”

“I believe whatever he’s done to you, is very damaging, indeed,” She folds her arms. “And if you do not leave him, Yuu, you cannot accomplish the life plans your father and I have arranged for you. And if you resist us, Yuu, I will no longer leave you alone, and I will arrange for you to go to America with us.”

Yuu’s breath hitches in his throat. “I am not leaving him alone!”

“Then I will bring him to court.” Her words slice through the air like a lethal knife. “I have no plans to escalade this case, seeing as he has not done anything – as you claimed – nor do I wish to bring any attention to our family’s reputation of any sort. But if you want to make things difficult for me, I will ruin him, and you know I can do that very well, Yuu.”

“I’ll make sure of that.” Kai’s voice floats down the stairs, and Yuu looks up, watching as the brunette descends the stairs, his eyes burning with anger and his mouth in a curved frown. “I’ll make sure Yuu stays away from him, and I’ll make sure Takashima Kouyou will be ruined if he dare lays a finger against what is ours.”

Yuu’s stomach churns, and he ignores the constricting of his throat and the wrenching of his heart. Leave Kouyou again? Maybe that last embrace would be the last embrace they could have, after all. Yuu’s eyes flicker around helplessly, his world disappearing before him once more. But he loves Kouyou, with his whole heart now, and they can’t just take that away from him. Not when he had regained hope the day before, when Takeshi told him they could be together again. Why was his mother making things so difficult, and why was Kai going along with her? And what would happen to Yuu and Kouyou eventually, then? They couldn’t just break like this. They couldn’t…

“You’re not going to take him away from me,” Yuu hisses, and he backs away from his mother, his hands trembling uncontrollably at his sides. “You won’t tear us apart!”

“Sit down, Yuu!” His mother says in a controlled scream, her voice rising to a crescendo. “This conversation is not done. I am not done with you, and I will have you listen to me by the end of this!”

“You don’t know what is love!” The raven yells, leaving his seat, eyes darting from Kai to his mother frantically. “You won’t even listen to me! Why the fuck should I listen to any of you? You think you know what’s best for me, but the person I love is in jail now, and if none of you is going to help get him out, I will get him out myself!”

“Kai, grab him,” His mother barks, and the brunette looks almost apologetic, catching the raven in a vice grip, holding him close to him. Yuu thrashes in Kai’s hold, disgusted by his hands suddenly, growling with every mere second. “You’re going crazy, because of one man – you’re not even Yuu anymore, you realize that? The Yuu before would barely raise his voice above a whisper to me.”

That’s because the Yuu you knew isn’t here anymore,” Yuu says, almost sobbing, his eyes still red and hateful. “Kouyou changed me, and Kouyou taught me what was love. And you guys know nothing about it! You know nothing about us, and you don’t know how much he loves me, and how much I love him…”

“Lock him in his room, Kai,” She ignores Yuu’s words, her hands reaching for her forehead, rubbing furiously at her temples. “Yuu, you’re sickening me. I have no wish to speak to you any longer, and I will settle this case by the end of today. You do not wish to comply with me? Fine. I will do things my way, Yuu. And you know I am vicious, in the way I settle my things. Kai, make sure he doesn’t ever leave his room, and stay with him if you must. If he dares leave this house, I will bring you both to America in a snap, and no one will have a say in this.”

Kai nods obediently, trying to pacify the kicking raven in his arms, forcefully leading him back to the stairs. Yuu’s resolved into tears by now, choking on his sobs, his arms desperately trying to fight against Kai’s hold. But he knows it’s no use, because his mother is already grabbing for her bag on the table, and making her way to the door. Yuu has a very bad feeling about this; what could – “I will settle this case by the end of today” – mean? Was she going to do anything to harm Kouyou? There’s fear in his eyes even as Kai lugs him up the steps, his eyes turning dazed and scared.

“Let me visit Kouyou!” Yuu screams, still kicking against the brunette. “I will save him! Don’t take him away from me, please… Mother… Mother… Come back! I love him more than anything,” His eyes, his nose, his lips, his hair, the way he laughs, the way he kisses Yuu and the way he whispers into Yuu’s ears, Yuu remembers, and Yuu knows he can’t lose any of that. Not now, not anymore, please, the raven thinks, as tears streak down his white-washed face. Kouyou needs me, and I need him, and that can’t be the last time they will ever get to kiss each other. Because Kouyou told him to trust in him, because they could be together again, after this, after everything, because things might not be fine now, but things would be fine, eventually, as long as Yuu trusted in the blonde.

But it’s not enough now, is it? Yuu catches the last glimpse of the empty hallway before Kai pulls him into his room and locks the door, and Yuu wonders silently the next time he ventures out of this door, would he ever see Kouyou again?


By evening, both blondes are seated on the hard floor, playing poker cards with each other, laughing as Kouyou wins the game for the second time in a row.

“You’re good,” Akira murmurs, nodding in approval. “I swear, you must be cheating some way or another. It’s just not possible…”

“Pffft,” Kouyou’s lips curve into a smirk. “Tell me if you ever want to learn the secrets from the Master.”

“You’re crediting yourself too much,” Akira rolls his eyes, still chuckling. “Are you up for another round?”

Before Kouyou has time to respond, they’re disturbed by the heavy footsteps of the guards once more, and they quieten down, knowing there would be no good news as long as they were near. There’s the noisy sound of metal keys turning in the gates, and as it opens, the two guards gesture for one of them, their low, rough voices sounding like death sentences to their ears.

“There’s a young boy that goes by the name of Takanori looking for you.”

“Me?” Kouyou and Akira blink to each other as they ask at the same time, with Akira frowning to the blonde as the word leaves his mouth.

“Why would Takanori be looking for you?” Akira asks, confused. “What do you have to do with him?”

“It’s the man who looks gayer, alright,” One of the guards rolls his eyes, pointing for Kouyou to take a step out. “Hurry, we don’t have all day.”

“Oh.” Kouyou places his cards down, dusting his pants off as he rises up. Takanori was looking for him? He must have heard about the news, then… In the back of his mind, he suddenly remembers their daily date at the park, and he feels bad instantly, knowing that the younger one had probably been waiting hopelessly that evening only for Kouyou not to show up. He definitely had to apologise to him for that one.

“Good luck,” Akira waves him off, though he doesn’t know why he says so, and as the cell door closes on him, thoughts of Takanori flood his mind again, and he cringes, his heart falling once more.


When the blonde takes a seat opposite Taka, he notes how small and frail the young boy looks, seated in the middle of a dark room, and how he looks so out of place, never belonging here in the first place. He inhales a breath, his face reddening in shame, knowing this would be the last place Takanori would be expecting him in, and he hopes he hasn’t disappointed the young boy too much. He wonders if Yuu has spoken to Taka, and what Taka has known so far about them... And he wonders about Yuu again, wondering if he was fine at home, and wondering if Yuu could be paying him a visit later.

“Hey,” Kouyou tries to force a smile, and it seems to work, because it brings a smile to Taka’s face too, who greets him politely back.

“Hey.” Taka still looks terribly insecure, though, his eyes scanning his surroundings, as if in severe distaste of the place. “What are you doing here?”

The blonde manages a harsh laugh. “What are you doing here?”

“Visiting you.” Takanori frowns. “You kind of bailed on me yesterday.”

Kouyou awkwardly fumbles with his hands. “Sorry. I… got caught up in some things.”

“Like getting arrested?” Taka seems to find this funny, and he laughs, which elicits a laugh back from Kouyou. “Nice, sensei. Apology accepted, since your reasoning is good enough.”

“Did I miss anything yesterday?” The blonde’s eyes twinkle in mischief. “I owe you another can of coffee.”

“I brought my guitar,” Takanori huffs. “I wanted you to teach me a few more songs, but you turned out to be a no show.”

“Sorry,” Kouyou laughs again, and he looks to the younger boy, feeling surprisingly comfortable in his presence. “Aren’t you going to ask?”

“Who? Yes.” Takanori folds his arms, looking to him with a confused grin. “You’re the last person I would expect to be on television for rape, sensei.”

Kouyou’s face falls, his lips parting in shock. Great. He had completely forgotten about the news coverage. “Oh, god. It’s on television.”

Along with your face.” Takanori points out, at which Kouyou’s mouth just falls lower. “Way to be an overnight sensation.”

“Damn,” Kouyou smiles. “I’m a celebrity now, aren’t I?”

“You seem so chill about it,” Takanori looks to him weirdly. “Is it true?”

Kouyou doesn’t speak for a moment. “No.” Because if he was planning to lie his way out of this, he had to keep the lies up to everyone else. It’s okay if only Yuu and him knew the truth; that was all he needed. But he couldn’t risk anyone else knowing otherwise. “No, Taka.”

“I’m relieved.” Takanori heaves a sigh. He knew it wouldn’t be true; his sensei was barely anything like described on television. “Everything?”

Kouyou looks to his hands. “Half.”

The younger student tenses up. “Half?”

Taka didn’t know about him and Yuu, then. Nor had they spoken yet… Kouyou doesn’t know if he should be the one revealing this, and if Yuu would mind. The blonde plays with his fingers restlessly, conflicting thoughts clouding his mind all at once. “You haven’t spoken to Yuu?”

Takanori’s heart stills. “No.” This couldn’t be just like what his mother had guessed, had it? He daren’t believe her then, knowing his mother always over thought things – but now that even Kouyou was bringing it up…

Kouyou drops a bomb onto him.

“Yuu and I were together, Taka.”


Takanori blanks out for a second. What? What did Takashima sensei just… say? Was it true? Was…. their relationship true? Then… what about… Taka? He freezes up, his heart fluttering loudly in his chest. Oh, god. Yuu… didn’t even tell him. He doesn’t know whether to feel betrayed, to find all of these amusing, or to just feel sorry for his best friend, now. He doesn’t know what to think. His knees are unconsciously shaking, already.

He ceases to breathe.

“I’m sorry, what did you… just say?”

Kouyou’s eyes gaze to him, pained. “Taka… Yuu and I were in love. Are, actually. We are in love.”

It still doesn’t process in his mind. “You’re kidding.”

Kouyou sighs, exasperated. “It’s true. That’s… what they want to charge me for.”

“Yuu didn’t tell me anything!” Taka says, in a sudden outburst, and Kouyou frowns, shaking his head apologetically. “I thought I was his best friend? And… you… I thought… we were… friends?”

“Yuu couldn’t tell anyone, Taka…” Kouyou says softly, defending his raven lover. “We couldn’t. Because we knew things would be like… this.”

Takanori’s heart breaks, his world shattering before his eyes. “You told me you were in love, that day… It was… him?” And he knows it’s true, even if Kouyou doesn’t say it, and Takanori knows he has no right to be angry at Kouyou about this, even if Taka had assumed it had been… him… at that point in time. He knows this betrayal he feels in his heart is illogical, because it makes no sense – after all, how could his sensei possibly fall in love with such a person like him? So corrupted, so damaged and bruised… But Taka still can’t help but feel cheated, betrayed. He felt total, pure disillusionment. He had almost fallen so deep in love, and…

Taka took another of his long breaths that seemed to scar a trail of anguish down his throat. “Yuu didn’t tell me, you know.”

“Yuu couldn’t, Taka, please understand.” Kouyou sighs once more. “Please don’t get mad at him.”

“No,” Taka holds back his tears. “I’m his best friend. And I told him all about me. Me, sensei. You know nothing about me, so you can find it easy to defend him. I told him everything, and he told me nothing.” He’s laughing now, finding it funny, finding it incredulous. Kouyou looks to him, feeling sorry, wanting so badly to tell him about how much he knew about Taka, but still feeling it inappropriate to reveal that he knew such a large part of his life. Taka’s feeling betrayed enough, and he knows if he were to reveal he had been part of Akira’s plans from the start, Taka would literally die. “I mean nothing to him, do I?”

“He didn’t tell Kai, too,” Kouyou shuts his eyes. “Look… He couldn’t tell anyone, and trust me, it pained him more than anyone else. ”

“I’m sure,” Takanori says, angrily, and he stands abruptly from his seat, clutching his hands to himself. “I feel like I thought wrong about you, Kouyou. I also thought wrong about Yuu… I thought wrong about everyone, didn’t I? When my mother told me you both were together, I could hardly believe her. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, because I trusted all of you. But of course, I should learn… People betray me all the time. People treat me like shit, people use me and then break me…”

Kouyou’s heart skips a beat. No… No… Taka was getting it all wrong, and he had unknowingly ruined the friendship of his lover’s and his friends, all in a single snap. “Taka, please… hear me out. We didn’t mean to – ”

“No,” Taka hisses, kicking at his seat, then backs away, walking slowly to the door. His heart falling out of his chest with every word he speaks, and the tears threatening to fall with every move he makes… He flutters his eyes shut, and reaches for the door knob, twisting it open with a violent pull of the door. “Goodbye, sensei.”

And that’s all he leaves Kouyou with, before he steps out of the room, leaving the blonde alone with a broken heart.


Yuu’s calmed down for the past hour or so, lying in the corner of his bed, staring at the ceiling in dazed silence. Kai’s seated across him, staring at him forlornly, releasing a deep sigh every few seconds or so. Yuu’s growing increasingly annoyed by his presence, but he doesn’t speak, and ignores the brunette with every word he utters.

“Yuu, your mother means well.”

Shut the fuck up. The raven counts the number of the dots on the ceiling, having lost count the previous few times before he managed to finish tallying them. His eyes are unfocused, and his body is still and unmoving, his lips silent and his face emotionless.

“Yuu, when all of this is over, I’ll treat you to ice cream, alright? We’ll go out and have fun, with Taka and the rest. It’ll be great, and it’ll just like be the old times again. Won’t you look forward to it?”

Taka. Yuu widens his eyes, his heart suddenly furiously beating in his chest as a revelation occurs to him. Taka could help him! It might even be his only resort left. Takanori’s mother and his mum were on good terms; though their personalities contrasted, Takanori’s mother was one of the few that got along well with Yuu’s icy cold mother, who refused to go along with anything other than her ways. If Yuu could get someone with power over his mother to convince her otherwise, Yuu might have a chance in convincing her into allowing him to stay. And thankfully for them, Takanori’s mother seemed to be on Kouyou and Yuu’s side. If she would just put in a few good words for them to persuade Yuu’s mum…

Yuu spots his phone charging in the corner, and he rushes to grab at it before Kai notices, slipping it into the pocket of his pants easily and effortlessly. The brunette seemed to be wallowing in self-pity, mumbling to himself every now and then as well as trying to speak to Yuu, who frankly could care less about the harping brunette.

“I’m going to the washroom.” Yuu declares suddenly, surprising Kai, and he nods, though he still looks to him suspiciously. “There’s no window for me to climb out of, don’t worry. I won’t take long.”

Kai shrugs, and he watches the raven as he jumps off the bed, heading to the bathroom conveniently built next to his room. As the raven steps into it and subsequently locks the door shut, he thanks god for the sound proof walls his mother had specifically installed and reaches for his phone, scrolling for Taka’s number quickly. The phone picks up almost immediately, and Yuu’s heart lifts, hoping things would continue going his way.

“Hey, Taka, it’s me, Yuu, and I need your help…”


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